#MANG2049 Digital Profile

Accessing, managing and evaluating online information (3/5) – As a student, we are constantly doing reports and essay writing therefore we will need to know how to assess the Internet to search for information that we require.

Participating in online communities (2/5) – I’m not a person into social media and I would often disassociate myself from this kind of platform.

Building online networks around an area of interest (2/5) – My only online network are Instagram and Tumblr as I love looking at photographs and I will always to this places to search for nice photographs.

Collaborating with others (3/5) – Everyone will need to communicate and work together in our day to day life, especially in school.

Creating online materials (3/5) – As I have studied marketing before while pursuing my diploma in marketing, I’ve definitely touch base with creating online materials for marketing purposes  however i’m not very good at it as i’m not a tech-savvy person.

Managing your online identity (3/5) – I am very particular about privacy over the internet, therefore for all my online network, I only make it view able to people whom I know.

Managing your online security (1/5) – As long as I don’t sense anything suspicion, I will just leave my information such as passwords as it is. I feel that it’s a hassle to keep changing as I might forget about it.


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