Topic 1: Concept of “Visitors” Vs “Residents” #mang2049

Concept of “Digital Visitors” and “Digital Residents”

What’s “Visitors” Vs “Residents”?

Residents refers to individuals who engage in the internet for almost everything and spend almost all their time on it for example – Communicating with their peers/family through all types of social networking sites which is also known as social presence.

Visitors refers to individuals who only go online to complete certain tasks and spend little time on the internet for example – Transferring money online and going online to purchase products or services.

According to research, the lines between visitors and residents are blurring as people are increasingly associated with internet. (@daveowhite) A saying – Everywhere you go, you see people using their mobile phones surfing the net also known as tech-slave.


What do I categorize myself as? – Digital Natives because I was born into the world of technology, where everything was related to technology. However, I did not like the idea of relating every single thing in life to technology which is why I have never really associated myself with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.

For older adults, they are considered as Digital Immigrant because they had to learn about it before knowing how to use it. In the latest times, I feel that even adults are better at it than me as they are really adapting fast such as knowing how to use Facebook.

My own online experiences – As I have mentioned above, I’m not a person who is into technology and I will just simply chuck my phone aside unless there’s important things to attend to. I prefer communicating with people face to face instead of talking through an object. I don’t use social networking sites as I don’t believe in posting my things online and share it with everyone, till the rising importance of having a social network site, if not you will be outcasted. I feel that there’s a misapprehension about the “noise of technology” – If you don’t own one, you’re outdated. In this era, everyone including the young’s and old are associated with technology. I personally feel that this decreases quality time spent with your peers or family if you’re constantly on your phone. Then what’s the point of hanging out together? – Everyone can just hang out via an object. Above all that mentioned, although we all have social networking sites, I feel that one need to know how to create a professional online profile especially for online business and the increasing competition.


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2 thoughts on “Topic 1: Concept of “Visitors” Vs “Residents” #mang2049

  1. Totally agree with visitors and residents’ roles being blurred! I believe I am a visitor just like you as I do not like sharing my thoughts and feelings on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. I created those accounts because my friends around me all had an account. Also, I do not visit a particular site often unless I need to do something… However, I do check out Instagram a few times or at least once a day to see what my friends are up to and to keep myself updated on the some of the fashion pages I follow. I do not post anything frequently though. So am I a “visitor” or a “resident” on Instagram?


  2. As a digital resident, I agree to your points stating that dedicating too much time online and being a tech-slave does more harm than good to anyone. Unconsciously, I find myself sinking into the world of technology as I immerse a large proportion of my life on communication channels through my smartphone and thus, being unresponsive to physical contact and communication with people.

    Understanding that you’re a digital native, and after reading your personal experience with technology – not being active on social networking sites and posting personal stuff online – I actually observed my web activities and can relate your experience to myself, because I value privacy and try not to post any of my personal information on social media platforms to people that I am not familiar with.

    After reading your post, I observed my web activities and realized I haven’t been an active user of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram as well, I only engage in such sites occasionally when I’m bored. Therefore, with your insight in mind, does that make me edge towards more of being a digital visitor?


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