TOPIC 1: Reflective Summary

Honestly speaking, when the topic was first thrown at me, I totally had no idea on what was it about and I thought that it will be very stale to be writing on this. Never did I know that this module would enlighten me so much on human being so absorbed into technology. Additionally, after reading through most of my classmates’ blog posts about “Digital Visitors” and “Digital Residents”, I realized that it have increased my knowledge as they have explained in-depth about it.

Additionally, now that I have read more about this topic, I start to question myself whether category do I belong to as I still go online to complete tasks and communicate with people via technologies such as WhatsApp and Snapchat.

Before I touched base with this question, I would have categorized everybody under technology users but now I understand the different purposes people uses internet and why they are categorized under 2 kinds of technology users – Digital Visitors and Digital Residents.

Venezia’s Post;

In Venezia’s post, she stated the difference between “Digital Visitors” and “Digital Residents” in a comprehensive form whereby I could easily understand where is she coming from. Furthermore, she capitalised on her own online experience to explain the differences which is very in-depth and relatable. Her post have sparked my interest in this topic and it make me want to continue reading on about this topic.

Jamie’s Post:

In Jamie’s post, she discussed that “Digital Visitors” refer to individuals who simply go online to get a certain task accomplished and will not revisit the web again. To help us in understanding what does this mean, she used examples such as online shopping (Style Nanda), whereby individual will just buy what they want and not visit the web again. As for “Digital Residents”, she related to renowned bloggers such as Xiaxue and Naomi who uses the web to build strong online identity about themselves. By using examples like that, it have clearly helped in the explanation of the topic.

In conclusion, after reading other blog posts about this topic and module, I feel that there’s really a lot to learn from this and I’m glad that we were given a chance to undertake this module. This have also ignite my interest in writing and reading other people work as different people argue differently and provide a greater scope of understanding regarding the topic.


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