Topic 2: Reflective Summary

Managing multiple online identities ….. Yes or No?


Similarly to the first topic, I was taken aback when we were instructed to discuss on this topic. First thought which strike my mind – What am I supposed to write?! Never did I know, after watching the videos, articles and conducting independent research, I gained plentiful knowledge about online identities 🙂 q

Originally, I couched towards the negative side as to whether a person should have multiple online identities. After browsing through different blog posts, my thoughts about multiple online identities wavered.

Millions-Social-Media-IconsWith reference to Ryan’s blog, he mentioned that this might create opportunities for individuals to develop a clear distinction between professional and personal profile. This has allowed me to realize the fact that there’re many reasons as to why people choose to maintain multiplex identities such as enhancement of themselves and bringing themselves closer to the virtual world.


The increasing introduction of new social platforms such as LinkedIn encourage people to develop their professional portfolio online. This bring me to another point from Tianyi’s Blog – Well it’s definitely true that more employers are beginning to recruit employees due to lower costs and increased access to information online. Our job might be our future, and our future depends on who we are on the internet. We all want to be seen as professional and reliable workers and owning multiple online identities will come into good use.


Additionally, it’s might also serve as an advantage for women who shop online. As mentioned on Andrea’s blog, our online activities will allow the shop to develop a clearer profile of us and provide a personalized experience.


Even though, I’m no longer strongly against the point of having multiple identities but I still stress on the importance of managing personal information which will help to protect a person’s identity.

In concluding this topic, it’s not necessarily a bad side to multiple identities, and maybe I should consider creating more social networks for myself? 😉 554923301_120210_Objectives_Yea_or_Nay_300x300_answer_2_xlarge


  • Before – Managing multiple online identities – 70% (NO) & 30% (YES)
  • After – Managing multiple online identities – 40% (NO) & 60% (YES)

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Hi Jamie,

After looking through your post, I realized that we share different points regarding owning multiplex online identities 

Towards your point of separating professional and personal uses, I totally agree with it! Different people have different personality, and different ways of portraying themselves towards different possessions.

However, as the web is getting increasingly communicable, this also point to fact that it’s getting increasingly dangerous. By cause of, this also provide increased opportunities for individuals to leverage on the personal or sensitive information and might even misuse it. For example, you mentioned about cyber-bullying in your post, and it have caused emotional turbulence.

In my opinion, I feel that it’s absolutely fine if a person chose to maintain multiple identities however they must possess knowledge of how to protect their information from misappropriate uses. As you’re a frequent internet user and have multiple social networks, you have to keep in mind that you’re responsible for keeping your sensitive information protected! You might not have did it over the years, but it’s never too late to start now! Try and visit this website to see if it helps; your-online-privacy 🙂

Feel free to get back to me about my critiques on your blog! Till then 🙂

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