Let’s take some time to think through about what we learnt


“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with Ardour and attended to with diligence” – Abigail Adams

Indeed, by writing on our own post isn’t enough to enhance our insight on the given topics, we need to read up on others as different people have different viewpoints. 


[Source: Google] 

So what did I gained? 

From Clinton’s Blog, I realized that I didn’t elaborate much on the key point in my initial post which is BEING AUTHENTIC. There are plentiful ways to create an online profile, but if the content is not genuine, is it worth our time reading? 


Will you prefer reading something bona fide or illegitimate? 

Thinking hard – Who should I refer to as being genuine on social media platforms? Till I came across Angie’s Blog and learned that the world renowned blogger is the best example: 


[Source: Xiaxue’s Blog] 

Xiaxue has become so well-known and is mostly sourced for by many organizations as she carries a palpable personality and portray who she really is. She’s never afraid of what will people think of her and speak her mind, with this, she managed to break through the noise of bloggers. 


[Source: Google]

Kevan Lee mentioned an important point which people might be struggling with – Authenticity or Transparency? 


[Source: Kevan Lee] 

Being transparent is interrelated with the amount of things you share on social media. One can decide what sort of information he/she wants to share on the net. However, most importantly, a single need to be authentic with what they’re writing. For example, do not lie about their skills or abilities. Simply means – We can be creative in expressing ourselves but do not deliberately change ourselves to be viewed as a better person on the internet. oo

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Additionally, I mentioned in my previous post that blogging allows an individual to showcase his/her expertise and knowledge. A traditional resume doesn’t provide much leeway about content, however, blogging enables an individual to be more flexible with the content. With this, it bring me back to another point – How can we be genuine but not reveal private information at the same time? Read a story about Laura Tremaine who managed to strike a balance between Authenticity and Privacy. 

In conclusion, 

everyone including employers and college school are not looking for the best talent, but the most authentic individual who dare to reveal their own-self. 

[Source: Tiffany Sunday]



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