Time for reflection – Open Access can be good but… bad as well.


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Honestly speaking, as each topic comes by, it is getting tougher and challenging – This subject on ”Open Access Model” have really challenged me to a certain extent and have aroused me to conduct a real in-depth research about it. However, after all the extensive research and reading, I’m sure I have gained substantial amount of knowledge about it. Additionally, some of my classmates have provided some insightful ideas which did not come to my mind such as:

Tianyi’s Post:

With reference to Tianyi’s blog post, I gained something new about this topic which I have never thought of. We have all talked about how free online information will benefit the students, teachers and researchers in less developed countries, but yet, we missed out one important aspect – MARKETERS!

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In order to bring a brand to a greater height, an organization need to constantly carry out marketing research to uncover consumers’ evolving needs and wants. With the information, this marketers will then be able to build on their marketing strategies. However, not all organizations have the financial capability to pay for every articles they need to build on their marketing strategies.

Therefore, by providing free access to authors’ work, it will help Market Researchers to broaden their knowledge and create viable business strategies. Through further research, I discovered that to solve this issue – Organization such as Open Source Marketing aims to provide free access to all online information so that Marketers can capitalize on it to build their marketing campaign.

Jasmine’s Post:

Jasmine indicated an interesting point about the disadvantages which captivated my attention. While writing about the disadvantages of free online materials in my own post, I have been wondering – In certain situation, where researchers might not be granted with research funds to write their articles, and if they allow readers to access their information without having to pay for a subscription fee, where do they get their income?

I managed to source for my answer in Jasmine’s post which is the possible rise of “Research Paper Authoring”. It is a black market whereby individuals pay researchers a certain amount to have their name included in the articles. By providing free access to articles, researchers will have to tackle with financial issues and will be tempted to include others’ name in their articles to earn an income.

Therefore, to solve this funding issue, organization such as Spring-City Culture International Group are providing financial rewards to the authors so that they can at least earn something from writing. With this solution, authors will be able to write with an ease of mind and readers get to read for free!


topic 5

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Almost every individual in this era are Digital Residents, and are engaging in the internet for everything. Hence, providing information online for free will benefit everyone, including the Author. Authors are afraid of the financial issue which they might have to tackle if they do not charge for their article. However, several organizations have stepped up to provide funding to solve this financial issue. Additionally, with those funding provided, we need not worry about the quality of articles! 

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